SMARTchock Dock Communication and Restraint System

Tough, robust design packed with intelligent features for the ultimate in loading dock safety

NORDOCK® Impact™ Series Dock Bumpers

Enhanced building protection with reduced lower total cost of ownership

EBS Hinged Lip Dock Leveller (PS)

Safety tested, high performance dock levellers designed for the toughest conditions that can be customised to meet your needs.

EBS Hydraulic Dock Leveller with Telescopic Lip (PT)

Superior quality, cost effective dock levellers manufactured to European standards. Safe, flexible operation for flawless loading and unloading, every time.

Inflatable Dock Shelter PWI

Combining aesthetics and functionality for flawless, airtight sealing across a variety of applications and vehicle sizes

Mechanical Dock Shelter PMV

Adaptable and resilient for the perfect fit every time you load and unload

Vertical Storing Dock Leveller (NV)

Designed for maximum performance and durability with a plethora of innovative features to improve your loading and unloading operation.

Vertical Storing Telescoping Lip Dock Leveller (NVTL)

Optimal efficiency and secure operation, with the highest performance and reliability.

Hydraulic Dock Leveller – Nordock® Barrier™

Safety, high reliability, ease of operation and low maintenance are signature features of the Nordock® Barrier™ hydraulic dock levellers, suited for forklift impact up to 4.5 t (10,000 lbs).

NORDOCK® WEARTOUGH® Loading Dock Shelters

Designed to provide the perfect seal and built to last

NORDOCK® AR-10K Automatic Vehicle Restraint

Smart technology and superior strength combine for outstanding performance and reliability

NORDOCK® ATL-400 and ATL-450 Low Profile Automatic Vehicle Restraints

High durability and easy operation to streamline your loading and unloading process