1000 S PVC Strip Curtains

1000 S PVC strip curtain doors


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Efficiently control environment and ensure a high standard of hygiene control in cool rooms or freezers.

Our 1000 S flexible PVC strip curtain systems efficiently separate climates, reduce noise and ensure hygiene control in cool room facilities. Maintain the cleanliness and safety of your space by containing debris, dust and odours, and controlling pests while maximising the energy efficiency of your space.

Key Benefits

Save energy, especially in cool room or freezer environments

Custom-made to suit your application, the 1000 S PVC strip curtains come in a wide range of flexible PVC options to efficiently control climates in extreme low, cool and extreme high temperatures.

Reduce downtime and expenses associated with damaged doors

The unique hardware of the 1000 S PVC strip curtains ensures fast installation and durability.

We stock a wide range of flexible PVC and can quickly supply replacement strips for your existing curtains.

Ensure a high standard of hygiene control

Maintain the cleanliness of your space thanks to the special mounting systems of the 1000 S PVC strip curtains designed with a high level of hygiene in mind.

Options include easy strip removal for cleaning, corrosion resistant materials and absence of horizontal surfaces to avoid contamination.

Protect your personnel and reduce the risk of injury

Transparent strip curtain provides visibility and lets light through, all while dramatically reducing the noise level.

Technical Details

  • Panel thickness: 5-8 mm
  • Temperature range: from -36°C to +80°C
  • Standard colour: clear PVC