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Energy efficiency, high wind resistance and safety are the main benefits of FASTfold. The EBS high-speed folding door is an all-rounder for high-traffic external areas of industrial, manufacturing or warehouse spaces. Ideal for big outdoor openings, FASTfold is available in sizes up to 13 m high x 7 m wide.

Efficient sealing and fast opening/closing speed of the FASTfold door help to separate climates and eliminate drafts. Maintain the cleanliness and safety of your space by containing debris, dust and odours, and controlling pests.

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Key Benefits

Reduce operational costs and save energy

Save on energy bills by efficiently separating climates: large, efficient PVC seals eliminate drafts, and the amount of air that escapes every time the FASTfold high-speed folding door opens is minimised due to the fast opening speed of up to 1.5 m/s.

The FASTfold PVC curtain is made of an extremely wear and tear resistant reinforced fabric. It is completely UV stabilised and highly resistant to extreme weather conditions,making the FASTfold door ideal for long-term outdoor applications.

Reduce expenses associated with damaged doors and downtime

Lightweight but rigid tubing built into the PVC high-speed folding door curtain secures against wind forces up to 110 km/h.

In case of power failure, optional Automatic Emergency Opening system allows for the door to be opened with a manual release handle or configured to open automatically.

Ensure a high standard of safety

A standard safety feature of the FASTfold high-speed folding door is the 2 metre high light curtain, significantly reducing risk of personnel injury and equipment damage.

Other standard safety features include soft bottom edge, Stop-Go signals, fall protection and emergency chain haul.

Rely on German quality

Benefit from precise engineering, durability and reliability of EBS doors with electronics and motors made in Germany by GFA.

Technical Details


  • R-value (RSI): 0.99
  • Temperature range: -36 to +80° C
  • Standard opening W x H: 4000 mm x 5000 mm
  • Maximum size W x H: 13000 mm x 8000 mm
  • Opening speed (m/s): up to 1.5 m/s
  • Wind load (km/h): up to 110 km/h (11 on Beaufort scale)
  • Standard colour: RAL 2004 Orange; optional colours RAL 1018 Yellow, 3002 Red, 7038 Grey, 9010 White, 5012 Light blue, 5010 Gentian blue, 602 Green