Hydraulic Dock Leveller – Nordock® Barrier™

Safety, high reliability, ease of operation and low maintenance are signature features of the Nordock® Barrier™ hydraulic dock levellers, suited for forklift impact up to 4.5 t (10,000 lbs).

At the push of a button, the full hydraulic-powered deck and full-width lip of the Nordock® Barrier™ bridge the gap between the dock of your warehouse and the vehicle.

Result? Quick loading and unloading, improved processes, guaranteed strength, safety and security.

Nordock® Barrier™ Stay-Put safety barrier lip
Nordock® Barrier™ – True full-width rear hinge

Key Benefits

Premium safety and security

Loading docks are a high-traffic area with a variety of safety issues. To help you minimise the risk of injury and lost time, Nordock® Barrier™ is designed with a focus on the safety of your staff:

  • Stay-Put safety barrier lip prevents accidental fall-offs in stored position.
  • Fall protection velocity fuse “locks” the dock leveller in case of a free fall and prevents injuries and damage to goods and equipment.
  • Full-range telescoping side guards (toe guards) eliminate pinch points where employees’ feet risk catching as the dock leveller moves down.
  • Push-button operation prevents back, shoulder and neck injuries.
  • Lip supports prevent illegal entry when the door is closed.

Reduced maintenance costs

All Nordock® hydraulic dock levellers feature patented designs and require less regular service, adjustment or replacement than competitors’ products.

  • High 33% deck-to-beam weld ratio prevents breakage (surpassing the industry standard by 15-20%)
  • Full-width rear hinge to withstand heavy use
  • Consistently placed 4″ welds on both sides of every hinge for superior centre deck support
  • Self-cleaning open lug design to allow debris to fall through without damaging the equipment

Improved processes

The gap and the height difference between the truck bed and the dock or warehouse floor may cause staff injuries and forklift damage. With Nordock® Barrier™ hydraulic dock leveller, you ensure smooth transition from the truck bed to the dock in reduced time. Its patented, open-frame, design makes pit cleaning easy.

Industry-leading manufacturer warranty

Guaranteed to outperform, all Nordock® hydraulic dock levellers are backed by the manufacturer’s 20/20/10/5 standard warranties:

  • 20 years on front hinge
  • 20 years on full-width rear hinge
  • 10-years’ structural warranty
  • 5 years on lifting mechanism.

Nordock guarantees that the BARRIER Series dock levellers will perform as described and to the full satisfaction of the purchaser for one-year from date of receipt, or Nordock will either repair, replace or remove the product and refund the purchase price.

Made in Canada

All Nordock® dock levellers are manufactured in Canada from quality US-produced steel.

Guided by the “Guaranteed to outperform” philosophy, Nordock® products are made to high local and international standards. The patented designs exceed competitive specifications while requiring less regular service, adjustment or replacement than competitors’ products.

Technical Details

  • Standard size 1800 mm x 1800 mm (6’x6) to 2133 mm x 3050 mm (7’x10′)
  • Load capacity 13.5 t – 54 t (30,000-120,000 lbs)
  • Standard lip 4570 mm (18″)