Inflatable Dock Shelter PWI

Combining aesthetics and functionality for flawless, airtight sealing across a variety of applications and vehicle sizes

Inflatable Dock Shelter PWI

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Are you looking for an inflatable dock shelter to protect your temperature-controlled warehouse all year round? From Summer heat to the chill of Winter as well as drafts, dust and insects, the EBS Inflatable Dock Shelter (PWI) is designed to withstand the harshest of conditions to keep your facility fully sealed.

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Key Benefits

  • Inflatable side and top cushions automatically adapt to a variety of truck sizes to provide an airtight seal
  • Prevent unauthorised entry via the loading bay doorway for reduced loss through theft
  • Built to last using high-grade Cordura material, featuring excellent tear, damp and mould resistance as well as exceptional colour fastness.
  • Robust frame constructed of extruded aluminium sections and 40mm insulated panels for enhanced strength and durability.
  • Dock shelter is pre-mounted and delivered in just three parts for fast, easy installation, saving you time and money.
  • Available in two configurations for a perfect seal that’s customised to your loading situation:
    • In cases where the warehouse floor and truck bed are the same height, the PWI dock shelter can be mounted to your loading bay (recommended installation height is 4,700mm).
    • No ramp? No problem. We developed a second version of our dock shelter with an outer height of 4,700mm for loading situations without a ramp.
  • When not inflated, cushions are hidden behind the front curtains, providing the truck driver with perfect visibility of the loading area.
  • Within just 11 seconds of entering the shelter, the top and sides of the vehicle are tightly sealed by the inflated cushions, which deflate in 25 seconds upon completion of the loading/unloading process.
  • The EBS inflatable dock shelter (PWI) is designed to avoid the issue of cushions getting into the truck opening, as it common with curtain-type varieties, for optimum truck bed accessibility and guaranteed maximum ramp operating range.
  • On dock shelters up to an outer height of 4,700mm, enjoy integrated inflatable rear bottom cushions as standard, for optimum sealing of your entire system.

Technical Details

  • Power supply system: Protection IP 65, 230/400 V – 50 Hz


Dimensions and Size Range

EBS Inflatable Dock Shelter PWI size and dimensions


Total Width (A)

Total Height (B)

Width of Opening (inflated)

Height of opening (inflated)

D = 1,350

D = 1,750



2,080 2,250 1,850
3,600 3,600 2,180 2,250 1,850
3,700 3,600 2,280 2,250 1,850
3,500 4,000 2,080 2,650 2,250
3,600 4,000 2,180 2,650 2,250
3,700 4,000 2,280 2,650 2,250
3,500 4,700 2,080 3,350 2,950
3,600 4,700 2,180 3,350 2,950
3,700 4,700 2,280 3,350 2,950


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