NORDOCK® ATL-400 and ATL-450 Low Profile Automatic Vehicle Restraints

High durability and easy operation to streamline your loading and unloading process

Easy to operate and virtually maintenance free, the Nordock® ATL-400 and ATL-450 vehicle restraints have been designed with safety, strength and convenience in mind.

With both affordable and premium options available, call our team to learn which Nordock® automatic vehicle restraint is the best choice for your operation.

Key Benefits



  • Designed to prevent damage caused by truck impact, with barrier stored at 9” high to avoid contact with low rear impact guards (RIGs).

  • Barrier mounted sensor lets you know when the RIG is engaged.

  • Various truck heights are accommodated with ease thanks to the automatically adjusting HYDRA-FLOAT™ barrier, activated at the push of a button to maintain position during loading.

  • With over 32,000lbs of restraining force, the vertical locking hook can secure virtually all RIGs.

  • NEMA 12 waterproof and dustproof control panel offers ease of use and protection from the elements.

  • Self cleaning guide track and robust housing protects components from the elements, dirt and debris.

  • A vertical operating range of 9” to 30” caters to all RIG types.

  • Interior and exterior lights and signs promote two-way communication and minimise risk throughout the loading/unloading process.

  • A five year structural warranty provides you with reassurance and is proof of the confidence we have in our product.

  • All weather, zinc plated components for extended wear life.

  • Black and yellow warning labels on moving barrier for additional safety.

  • Factory assembled and tested to ensure optimum safety and performance.

  • One year parts and labour and five year structural warranty provide peace of mind.


Optional Features



  • Cantilever extension mounting bracket

  • Cast-in wall mounting plate

  • LED lights

  • Integrated control systems

  • Keyed override switch




Regardless of what model you require, the ATL series of automatic vehicle restraints have been designed for safe, easy operation.



Guided by a green outside light, the trailer is backed into position until it contacts the dock bumpers, before the truck’s brakes are set and wheels chocked. The dock attendant can then push a control button to activate the barrier until it contacts the RIG and the trailer is secure.

The outside light will then switch to red while the inside light will now be green. After a proper hitch is confirmed by the dock attendant, a dock leveller can now be used, provided the recommended interconnect has been utilised.

Applying a restraining force of over 32,000lbs., the barrier is designed to float during loading, keeping the trailer always secured.

Following completion of the loading/unloading process, the barrier can then be released and stored by the dock attendant, while the outside light changes to green to advise the driver it is safe to leave the loading dock.



After backing trailer into position until it contacts the dock bumpers, the driver must set vehicle brakes and chock the wheels. The barrier can then be activated by the dock attendant, rising in the vertical track to contact the RIG and secure trailer to the loading dock.

Dock leveller operation can be bypassed using the override selector button while the external signal light remains red.

During loading/unloading, the barrier will provide a restraining force in excess of 32,000lbs and automatically adjust to the trailer’s position as it moves.

Once the loading/unloading process has been completed, the dock attendant can store the barrier using the release button.




Clear, two-way communication between the driver and dock attendant is vital during the loading and unloading process. The ATL series facilitates this with flashing red or green exterior and interior lights, operator instructions and outside mounted signage with forward and reverse lettering as standard.




The structurally welded enclosed barrier and housing is constructed of dual reinforced ½” and ¼” steel, protecting working components from the weather and external debris.

Primary components including the 3/8” wall mounting plate, track, barrier and lift arms are zinc plated for enhanced durability.

The dust-proof NEMA 12 control panel is designed to be robust and functional, featuring push button controls, operator instructions and communication lights on the cover.



Installation of the ATL series of vehicle restraints is designed to be straight forward and efficient. After being mounted to the dock face and pit floor with concrete wedge anchors, the restraint can be welded to the pit curb angle.

Alternatively, the restraint can be welded to a dock face embedded steel plate, with total mounting force exceeding 100,000lbs.

Optional components, signs and control panel are installed in accordance with the instructions detailed in the owner’s manual.

Technical Details

Power requirement is 120VAC, 3 amps.


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