Electronic parking assistance / Traffic lights PBEA

Loading dock traffic lights

Enhance the safety of your docking site and reduce the risk of collisions and accidents with the electronic parking assistance/traffic lights PBEA. The red light lets the driver know exactly when the vehicle is in the optimal position relative to the dock and must be stopped, thus avoiding time-consuming repositioning of the truck.

The EBS traffic lights systems improve communication between the truck driver and the warehouse staff. External lights show the driver when the docking station can be approached, and once the truck is correctly positioned, the internal green signalling device informs the warehouse crew that the loading/unloading can be safely started. When loading/unloading process has been completed, with the push of an additional button the light of the external traffic lights turns green and informs the driver that they can safely leave the dock. This solution enables communication between the loading dock crew and a driver without the need to leave the warehouse.

For maximum safety, it is recommended to upgrade your docking station not only with a traffic lights system, but also with a sensor-controlled wheel chock. Once the truck is docked and wheel chocks are correctly positioned, the internal light will turn green. If the ultrasonic sensor accidentally becomes disconnected, red pulsating light on both internal and external devices will inform the warehouse crew of the issue.

The traffic light system PBEA is available in two options:

  • Industry-standard aluminium housing; traffic lights can be rotated by 180° for optimal visibility of the signal; service life of up to 25,000 hours
  • Integrated bracing arm; lamp can be rotated by 360° resulting in optimal visibility of the signal; service life of up to 50,000 hours.

Both options can be used as internal or external traffic lights (red/green) and provide strong, bright signals thanks to LEDs (2×20 W max.).