EBS Hinged Lip Dock Leveller (PS)

Safety tested, high performance dock levellers designed for the toughest conditions that can be customised to meet your needs.

Close-up of EBS Hinged Lip Dock Leveller (PS) welds

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One of the latest additions to our range of high-performance loading dock equipment, the EBS Hinged Lip Dock Leveller (PS) incorporates a range of innovative features for safe and efficient operation.

With over 15 years of experience designing and manufacturing dock levellers which adhere to European standards, our team can supply fully customisable loading dock equipment to meet your most exacting demands.

Ask us today about how our Hinged Lip Dock Leveller (PS) can help optimise your operation.

Key Benefits

  • Automatically return the dock leveller platform to its cross-traffic position at the touch of a button, for enhanced safety and efficiency.
  • Improve safety on-site, with light sensor technology preventing dock leveller operation when connected building door is not open.
  • Upon reaching its highest position, the platform lip swings out automatically to rest on the truck bed, making your process smoother.
  • The dock leveller’s automatic floating position allows it to follow the movements of the vehicle for an uninterrupted loading and unloading process.
  • Supplied with a frame and designed for one-step installation into your pit means commissioning is both time and cost effective, with no additional supports required.
  • A tail-lift recess allows for accommodation of tail lifts for when you don’t have access to a forklift.
  • The dock leveller can accommodate even the most unfavourable of loading cases, with load capacity corresponding to the axle load limit.
  • Be reassured your team is using equipment which meets all requirements of the latest European standards (EN 1398), has passed the GS safety tests and is provided with CE and GS labels.
  • With a standard load capacity of 80kN (dynamic axle load), corresponding to the EN 1398 standard for a forklift wheel contact surface of 150×150 mm, the PS Dock Leveller has been designed with safety in mind.
  • Platform constructed of specially reinforced high-quality tear plate material for strength, stability, enhanced safety and extended wear life.
  • Load and unload low-wheelbase vehicles with ease, due to the ergonomically shaped swing lip constructed of 20/22mm tear plate to meet standard load capacity of 80kN.
  • Closed hydraulic operation unit delivers high performance in the most arduous conditions, with specialty hydraulic oils available for use in low temperature applications.
  • Two 30mm lift cylinders feature emergency valves to ensure safe positioning even if the truck leaves the dock during loading or unloading.
  • Long-lasting, impact absorbing fixed or movable rubber buffers protect the vehicle and docking system during loading and unloading.
  • A number of installation options including one step concrete embedding, welded in, pit mounted and box frame are available, fully flexible to your requirements.
  • Customised designs available on request, with low-maintenance swing lip providing trouble-free operation.


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