Vertical Storing Telescoping Lip Dock Leveller (NVTL)

Optimal efficiency and secure operation, with the highest performance and reliability.

Vertical Storing Dock Leveller (NVTL) three quarter view

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Partnering with leading Canadian manufacturer NORDOCK®, EBS is proud to offer the Vertical Storing Telescoping Lip Dock Leveller (NVTL).

Providing easy operation, extended wear life and a wide range of features and accessories, the NVTL offers the ultimate in performance, reliability and functionality.

If you need superior quality, energy efficient loading dock equipment, let our team show you how the NVTL can enhance your loading and unloading process.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate end load access issues and maintain precision lip extension control thanks to patent pending TELESCOPING-LIP™ technology. Extend and retract lip at any time, with standard model projecting 15” beyond a 4” bumper.
  • Prevent damage to your dock leveller, building, dock seal and restraint with the first true pit seal, BUMPER-TO-BUMPER™, included as standard. 20” high laminated dock bumpers are also included.
  • Load capacity ratings up to 50,000lbs and deck sizes of up to 7’x8’ for outstanding safety and performance.
  • Multiple safety enhancing features include smart hook vehicle restraints, over-centre vertical ramp storing position and deck maintenance support with lock-up.
  • No front lip hinge for extended wear life.
  • Deck and lip sensor eliminates need for mechanical limit switches for more efficient operation.
  • Heavy-duty construction features continuous welds and minimum 55,000PSI yield material for maximum strength.
  • Continuous stainless steel rear hinge rod eliminates pinch points, is factory coated with anti-seize lubricant and includes 20 year warranty.
  • Easy to install and operate, offering complete environmental and security control.
  • Heavy-duty cylinders incorporate non-adjustable velocity fuses for performance and reliability.
  • Constant power up and power down deck functions at the push of a button for smooth operation.
  • Incorporates robust overhead door and deck protection.
  • Enclosed wall or stand mounted power unit features NEMA 12 dust tight control panel for easy operation.
  • Compatible with various equipment integration systems to ensure optimum safety across your entire process.
  • Extended warranties including 10-year structural and 20-year hinge warranty included.

Technical Details

Model* Width Length
NVTL-76 7’0” 6’0”
NVTL-78 7’0” 8’0”
*Add a capacity of 30,000, 40,000 or 50,000lbs as required.

Example: NVTL-76-40

Special sizes available upon request


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