VERTIgo spiral overhead doors


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Reduce your costs in a high-traffic area where the space does not allow to fit a regular sectional door. Maximize thermal efficiency in a room where the ceiling construction does not allow track hangers for a regular sectional door: The VERTIgo fast spiral door coils itself up against the interior facade of the building and requires minimal build in space

With exceptional thermal insulation, added security and unprecedented durability, the VERTIgo fast spiral door is 6 times faster than similar sectional doors and does not require extended back room.

The VERTIgo can be supplied in 2 variations, the VERTIgo ISO-40 and ALU-40. Both door types have 40mm thick panels; ISO-40 produced with steel PIR sandwich panels and ALU-40 manufactured with clear double glazed aluminium panels.

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Key Benefits

Reduce operational costs and save energy

The 40mm thick door leaf with R-value 10.92  maintains thermal integrity in temperatures ranging from +2°C to +95°C.

Minimize the amount of air that escapes every time the VERTIgo fast spiral door opens and save on energy bills with an exceptional opening speed of up to 1.1 m/s, 6 times faster than similar sectional doors.

Reduce maintenance expenses and downtime

Due to its intelligent springless system, the VERTIgo spiral door hardly requires any service up to 200,000 cycles.

Optional light curtain further improves the operational reliability of the door.

The VERTIgo fast spiral door is watertight and resistant to up to Class 10 wind load on Beaufort scale (up to 100 km/h).

Thanks to pre-assembled track and drive-system, installation is quick and simple.

Ensure a high standard of safety

The VERTIgo fast spiral door can be equipped with a pre-running safety edge or light curtain.

The light curtain, consisting of a receiver and transmitter, is mounted into the track system rather than wired on the door leaf. This improves the operational reliability of this superfast door.

The uninterrupted chain-/steel-cable system ensures precise and controlled door movement, even at high speed.

For extra safety the panel connecting hinges are almost flat and ensure a perfect seal with the vertical sides.

Rely on German quality

Benefit from precise engineering, durability and reliability of EBS thermal efficient doors designed in Germany with electronics and motors made in Germany by GFA.

Technical Details

  • R-value: 10.92
  • Panel thickness: 40 mm
  • Temperature range: from +0°C to +95°C
  • Standard opening: 2500 mm x 3000 mm, maximum size up to 5000 mm x 5000 mm
  • Opening seed: up to 1.1 m/s
  • Wind load: up to 10 on Beaufort scale (up to 100 km/h)
  • 2 standard colours: RAL 9002 and RAL 9006; further RAL and Colorbond options available