Wheel guides PEF/PEK/PEFE/PEKE

Wheel guides



Avoid expensive damage to your dock shelters, levellers, buildings and vehicles caused by imprecise docking. The EBS wheel guides help the truck driver to reverse to the loading bay without any complicated maneuvering.

Unlike concrete barriers that can have sharp edges and cause damage on impact, the EBS wheel guides are made of robust steel tubes with smooth surface and do not damage the expensive tires and wheels of the trucks.

Installed on the floor level either by being fixed in concrete (types PEK and PEKE) or by being bolted into the ground (flanged version, type PEF and PEFE), the EBS wheel guides are 4-mm thick steel tubes (Ø159 mm), which are fixed to the ground at a distance of 2500 mm in front of the loading dock. We recommend a distance of at least 2400 mm between the two wheel guides.

All EBS wheel guides are available as angled or straight versions; they are hot-dip galvanized and can also be delivered in different RAL colours.

Technical Details


  • Standard lengths: 2000 mm (PEFE, PEF, PEKE), 2500 mm (SMART PEF), 2550 mm (PEF, PEK)
  • Height after installation: 245 mm
  • Tube diameter: 159 mm
  • Tube thickness: 4 mm
  • Installation: set in concrete (PEKE, PEK) or bolted to the ground (PEFE, PEF, SMART PEF)
  • Colour: a range of RAL colours