Bespoke EBS Door to Improve Safety on Customer Site

In this case study we look at our Custom Rapid-Roller Freezer Door solution to act as human protection for a wrapping machine, with a conveyor system at a cold storage facility

Customer Door Requirements

When our cold chain customer called to ask if we could provide a door solution to act as human protection for a wrapping machine, integrated with a conveyor system of their automated cold storage facility, our engineers immediately went to work.

The brief for the solution was that it needed to operate at fast speeds, operate reliably in a freezing environment, withstand potential impact and above all provide safety for people.

EBS Door Solution

Our team gravitated naturally to our high-speed cold storage champion, the EBS THERMOspeed rapid-roll door. This product has already proven itself in over almost two decades as a formidable fast freezer door solution. We needed to make the door curtain stiffer, more rigid, so it could support the weight of a person, and prevent them falling through into harms way.

With the implementation of additional pressure retention bars we are able to provide this additional level of safety for our customer’s employees.

Bespoke freezer door solution built, tested and ready for implementation!

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