High Speed Door with advanced insulating properties and extremely fast operation

A major Queensland refrigerated transport company built a new cold storage facility in hot and humid Cairns. They turned to their trusted supplier, EBS, and our THERMOspeed® EVO2 insulated high-speed chiller and freezer doors, for the fit out of their new facility.

With its high thermal insulating properties and one of the fastest opening speeds in the industry, the THERMOspeed® EVO2 high-speed insulated freezer doors substantially reduce energy costs and have proven to be a very cost-effective, reliable solution for deep-freeze environments.

As usual, the EBS ISOtherm-80(mm) panel-lift sectional doors were selected for the on-grade and recessed loading dock positions.

Our cost-effective product combination has proven to be the reliable door solution for this customer’s facilities across the state, from Brisbane to Cairns.

EBS can solve your cold storage requirements anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

Our aim always is to supply quality high speed door products at competitive prices, innovative ideas and uncompromising service.

All our products carry a 12-month warranty on materials and labour.

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This is an original article and was written by management at EBS.