Dock lights PV

Loading dock lights

Ensure safe and fast loading/unloading of goods and increase worker safety and efficiency by filling the loading dock area and the truck with bright light.

The EBS dock lights PV with movable bracing arms made of aluminium can be installed inside the warehouse directly at the docking station or outside the warehouse building and guarantee optimal and flexible lighting of the desired areas.

The EBS dock lights can be connected to the control unit of the EBS dock levellers; then they are automatically switched on during loading/unloading and automatically switched off when the dock leveller returns to its resting position.

The EBS dock lights PV are available in three models:

  • The PV02 dock light, a halogen spotlight of 150 W, moves in all directions and is ideal for brightening up the inside and outside loading area. With stainless steel housing, it is dust- and waterproof, and has a long service life.
  • The PV 05 dock light is a 30 W LED spotlight, highly energy efficient compared to a correspondent 300 W standard light bulb; LED uses up to 90% less energy to produce the same lighting results. LED lamps provide 100% luminance immediately after switching on, a characteristic very important for docking stations. The spotlight is fixed to the bracing arms by a rotating bracket and can be moved in all directions. The PV 05 dock light provides bright white light (6000K) with low heat development.
  • The PV 07 dock light is always equipped with two separate switches to turn on and off.  The energy saving lamp (36 W max) has a higher luminancecompared to many other dock lights and emits low heat. The plastic housing is completely dust- and waterproof and is suitable for outside use.